Tila Tequila on the Mend

After years of crazy behavior and sheenanigans in the public eye, Tila Tequila has recently checked herself into rehab for drug addiction and an eating disorder. Tila spent about a month total in rehab to treat both life threatening issues, and has since been released. A drug overdose and a brain aneurysm was what finally landed Tequila in a treatment facility, and just in the nick of time as it was reported that she had been trying to take her life for some time before this happened. Tila has always been a small thin girl, but had grown to be way too thin in recent months and so was also treated for her eating disorder while in rehab. It's reported that she has since gained some weight back and is much healthier at this point in time. Tila has always been a crazy celebrity and usually a hot mess attention loving whore, with her claim to fame being her popularity on myspace, but every person deserves to be happy and healthy so good to hear she is on the mend and will hopefully become a little more productive moving forward.

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Hooray! More Tila Tequila porn for the world to see! Alright, yet another Tila Tequila sex tape has surfaced, and is of course surrounded by drama. Apparantely Vivid owns the sex tape, but a small clip of it was leaked onto Pornhub recently. Vivid took action is and is trying to remove the clip as it plans to release the entire tape soon and wants all the hype and moula involved in having exclusivity. Tila has a smoking hot body and all her porn and sex tapes are amazing, but since this isn't the first hopefully it's got a little something different to keep everyone interested. Yay for Tila Tequila porn.

Tila Tequila Dyes!! her hair..

Tila Tequila has let her fans know some VERY important breaking news... she has dyed her hair.. BLACK! Tila took to her twitter (which she bombards with celebrity gossip, like c'mon, is this tmz or tila tequila's twitter?) to let all of her fans know she dyed her hair black, then made a video playing piano with her new black hair and posted both pics and the video on her website. Does this sound weird to anyone else? If you wanna hear her rants, then go follow her on twitter, it's annoying!

Tila Tequila Stars in Lesbian Porno

Although she has denied it and the owner of Vivid made 'no comment' on the subject, it has been confirmed that Tila Tequila starred in a lesbian porn flick alongside Penthouse Pet Lia Leah and Vivid star Charlie Laine. Tila's nude body can be seen all over the net but this is her first role in a porn film, produced and shot by Michael Bisko.

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Tila got her start as a Playboy model back in 2002, and has now become a MySpace/reality television star, with her hit show on MTV. Tila has a rockin' ass body a humongous tits under her usually skimpy outfits.

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Tila has perfectly shaped tits, how'd you like to see those things bouncing as you pounded the hell out of her tiny body??

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